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Telemedicine Consultations with the World’s Top Experts​

Have you or a loved one received a life-altering medical diagnosis? Chronic condition making life more challenging? Wondering if your treatment is optimal?

​RYTE’s AI-powered platform provides rapid, LIVE telemedicine consults with the world’s top medical experts.

Why seek a Top Expert Opinion?

Top expert medical opinions are clinically proven to have significant impact on diagnoses, treatments and outcomes

Get the RYTE Answer. Get Peace of Mind.

RYTE connects you with world leading experts who specialize in your unique medical condition

RYTE brings you the world’s largest network of top medical experts

When it comes to your health, time is of the essence. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform has helped us build the world’s largest database and ranking of medical experts. With over 8 million physicians at our fingertips, you can be sure that the RYTE medical expert will be ready to speak with you in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

RYTE’s AI-powered platform finds your perfect match

Finding the right medical expert for you requires a deep understanding of the expertise of each physician. RYTE’s AI platform searches, extracts, “understands” and categorizes physicians based on their area of expertise, research, publications and clinical outcomes across over 20,000 procedures and diseases. You wouldn’t want an endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid issues to treat your pituitary gland problem.

RYTE’s Care Managers do the work, so you can focus on what matters

As a subscriber, you have immediate access to a local RYTE Care Manager. With your consent, your medically trained, multi-lingual Care Manager will:

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